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Top 5: Young Adult

A feature where I tell you my top 5 books in a genre. 

I used to read so much YA. YA introduced me to Booktube, blogging and generally the bookish community online. So even though I don’t reach for YA as much as I used to, it definitely holds a special place in my reading life. So here are my Top 5 Young Adult books!

5. Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

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I have no idea why I like this book so much. It’s a relatively basic summer romance YA contemporary. And yet. Maybe it’s just the fact that I read it at a right time, but I love everything about it. I love the main character, I love that she goes to a small town to spend her summer, I love all the wonderful female friendships, I love the male lead and I love the unique aspect that drives the story. I regularly reread this, probably once a year. If you’re going to read anything by Dessen read this.

4. The Heroes of Olympus series by Rick Riordan

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My favorite book in the series is probably The Mark of Athena but it’s been awhile since I read these. I loved this reboot of the series. I was a huge fan of The Percy Jackson series. I love Greek mythology and when Riordan decided to mix things up and add the Roman mythology as well, I was sold. These books are amazing. They use Greek mythology in such a unique way, the characters are hilarious and the plot is awesome. Everything about this is perfect and I love the series to bits.

3. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell


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I adore Rowell’s books, by this one is by far my favorite ever. What really made me love the series so much, is how much I relate to Cath. She is basically me, and when a book does that, it becomes an instant fave. I love the romance, the relationship between Cath and her sister, her dad, her friend. It’s so ADORABLE and CUTE and I love it.

2. Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

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A book that made me not hate YA Fantasy. It was spectacular. The characters are so fleshed out and their interactions are priceless. The storyline is intriguing and gripping, a heist story that does not disappoint. But the characters drive the story. My personal favorite is Nina, but every single one of them is amazing. I’ll take a group of friends wrecking havoc any day. I actually preferred the first book to the second one, but all around amazing series. Read it. Give it to your friends. And then read it again.

And something that will come as a surprise to no one:

1. The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater

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Yes, the whole series. No, I don’t care. If you want me to pick a book, it’s probably The Dream Thieves, but they only make sense as a whole. THIS SERIES. THESE CHARACTER. First of all, the writing is gorgeous. The characters are splendid. I LOVE THEM. I never felt about a group of fictional character like this before I read these books. Their interactions, as a whole and between different pairs of characters, it’s done marvelously. The plot is ethereal and unique and the magic is so strong, yet so simple and subsided. It’s eerie and magical and wonderful and you should read it immediately. And those covers! If you’d like me to do a series spotlight on these, and go in depth with the whole series, please let me know!

So there are my Top 5 YA books. You can check some of my other favorites including: Literary Fiction, Romance and Fantasy and SciFi. Be sure to let me know what your favorite YA book is!


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12 thoughts on “Top 5: Young Adult

  1. Yes, totally agree with The Raven Cycle, The Heroes of Olympus series, and Six of Crows! I think my fave HOO book is House of Hades, but I haven’t re-read the books! 😬 Still need to finish Fangirl, but what I’ve read from it is SO GOOD and is so me!

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      1. Yes, we find out he’s gay in that one! Also, I just love Percabeth, and seeing them make it through all those trials was amazing! ❤ Yep, definitely! I’m socially anxious as well, and her college anxieties match mine SO WELL (even though I still have a couple years of high school left)!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. The Raven Cycle Is one of my all time favorite fantasy reads, it’s so incredible from the characters to the plot. Rainbow Rowell is just so fun to read and I adore Fangirl.

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