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Judging Books By Their Covers: February Releases Edition

Let’s judge some books by the cover, shall we? 

Every month, I pick some books with pretty covers and then I show the ones with best blurbs to you.
Basically, I spend a lot of time on Netgalley, and scouring the Internet for new releases, so I am gonna do that, but pick the books based on their cover. Then I’ll read the blurbs and pick my favorites and then I share them with all of you!

So the basic formula of this post is pretty books meets new releases I am excited about

1. The Queen of Hearts by Kimmery Martin

The Queen of Hearts

Release Date: February 13th

Why I love the cover: Who doesn’t? I like flowers a lot, and I especially love anatomical hearts made of flowers (it’s a thing). Plus that on top of that bright blue background equals one thing and that is GORGEOUS.

Why I love the blurb: Because it explores the friendship between two women. They’re doctors, they have very successful careers and then a former colleague of theirs reappears and secrets start to spill out. It sounds like a book I would enjoy and I am really looking forward to it.

2. All the Names They Used for God: Stories by Anjali Sachdeva

All the Names They Used for God: Stories

Release Date: February 20th 

Why I love the cover: More flowers! It’s just stunning. I also really adore the typography on this one, against the vague illustration in the back, it’s my weakness and it’s so pretty.

Why I love the blurb: This is a short story collection focused on faith, and the struggles people indure with it. It’s set on multiple continents, during different centuries and features a diverse cast of characters. It honestly sounds brilliant and I can’t wait to get my hands on it.

3. Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories by Kelly Barnhill

Dreadful Young Ladies and Other Stories

Release Date: February 20th 

Why I love the cover: Firstly, that title is brilliant. AND then the cover. It’s so gorgeous? I love the gold and black together. I hope this is sparkly in real life. PLUS, just the way the title is written out is so gorgeous. This one is to die for.

Why I love the blurb: This is a Fantasy story collection, and I think it’s centered on women. The blurb promises “themes of love, death, jealousy, hope, and more” which I am here for. Plus, I almost always reach for contemporary stories and I am excited to jump into some fantastical ones.

4. The Clarity by Keith Thomas

The Clarity

Release Date: February 20th

Why I love the cover: Because it’s flipping amazing! Look how striking it is. It’s scary, but also super attractive and also, the more you look at it, the more stuff you catch and it makes me want to read the book, so it’s clearly winning.

Why I love the blurb: This is a Sci-Fi thriller and those are always super fun. This one follows a psychologist (so I have to read it, duh) who researches memories and then she meets a girl who claims that she harbours memories of the last soldier who was killed in  World War I. It sounds weird and like it’s gonna mess with your head, so yeah.

5. Heart of Iron by Ashley Poston

Heart of Iron

Release Date: February 27th 

Why I love the cover: It’s super pretty. Spacey, with purple and blue colors (which I love) and with a space ship looking thing that also looks like a closed up tulip. What more can you ask for?

Why I love the blurb: This is a freaking Anastasia retelling. Set in space. AND I think there’s like a group of outlaws and what not and that is such a buzz word. I have to read it.

So that’s it for this month’s new releases! Do you like these covers as much as I do? Do any of the books spark your interest? Let me know!


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18 thoughts on “Judging Books By Their Covers: February Releases Edition

  1. I am SO excited for Heart of Iron! I love Anastasia. And I hadn’t heard of Dreadful Young Ladies but that looks awesome, I’ve added it to my wishlist!

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