Top Priority Books On My TBR Right Now

Let's talk about books I'll be reading in the very near future.  I was thinking what I would pick up after I'm finished with The Way of Kings (if I ever do), so I thought it'd be nice to share my top reading priorities right now. These are books that I am going to be reading… Continue reading Top Priority Books On My TBR Right Now


Books With Great Female Friendships

Female friendships are almost never done right.  I feel like we come across many female relationships and friendships done wrong. From girls in all boys groups without a single female friend to girls being at each other's throats, different female relationships are done terribly wrong. I personally feel that female friendships are so important, and… Continue reading Books With Great Female Friendships


Books I Did Not Like, But Want to Reread

I am determined to like these in the end.  So I've been thinking about really popular books I read, and didn't end up liking as much as everyone else did. These are the books that have huge fandoms, and a huge "following", people absolutely adore them, but they left me feeling really indifferent. BUT. I… Continue reading Books I Did Not Like, But Want to Reread