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World of Wizardry November Box Unboxing.

I recently subscribed to Geek Gear’s Harry Potter box, and I really loved what I got, so I thought I’d share it!

First of all, they really try hard with the overall design of their box and the packaging. The November box was Christmas themed, and it looked really nice:


Next, when you open it, this is what you’re gonna see:


So they really put thought into their packaging, you get a snowflake printed tissue paper, and tissue paper in your house color (I’m actually a Ravenclaw, but I got this as a gift for my sister, hence the Slytherin green).

Next up, in each box you get a t-shirt, and the November box featured a MACUSA shirt (because Fantastic Beasts came out around that time). The t-shirt is of really nice quality, so kudos for that.


And then:


You get a replica of Harry’s wand. It’s very nicely done and has a lot of weight to it, so it’s like a true collectible. This made the whole box for me!

Next up:


You get a galleon, which came all nicely wrapped in the Vault 687 box, and you get a piggy bank for it. I thought this was quite cute, even though the piggy bank is quite random.

And lastly, you get some smaller items: a lanyard for your ID with your house’s design, you get four Christmas cards and envelopes, which were really cute, and you get a print of the Weasley family at Christmas!


Overall, I am very satisfied with this box! I really like that they put a lot of thought into packaging and I love how they pay attention to details, I really appreciated it. I liked all of the items in the box, and i just think that this would be an exciting gift for any HP fan.

You can check out Geek Gear’s site and if you do want to sign up, you can do so through my refferal link.

*I am in no way affiliated with GeekGear and I bought this box with my own money. 


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