Geek Gear World of Wizardry Unboxing (March 2017)

Let’s unbox stuff.

I am unboxing another Harry Potter themed box from Geek Gear. Their World of Wizardry box is a monthly subscription and it’s a Harry Potter themed box, which means you get all sorts of awesome HP stuff! Who doesn’t want that? I already unboxed one of their last year’s boxes (CHECK IT OUT), and I loved it, so I got myself the March box and I am so excited to share it with you.

All the info on the box can be found on Geek Gear’s website (this is a referral link, which you don’t have to use, but if some of you sign up through it, I get a box that I can unbox for you here!). All the pricing is listed on the site itself, and if you’re a first time subscriber I believe that you can use a code NEWSUB10 to get 10% off your order. BTW, I am in no way affiliated to them, I bought this box with my own money, I just think they’re cool!

AND, now! The BOX!!!


Geek Gear always pays so much attention to the packaging and they always include a print of some kind. This month’s print is sooo gorgeous. And the paper is blue because I am a Ravenclaw, so all items that are specific to the house are Ravenclaw items!


Every month you get a shirt, and while I don’t always like them, I think this month’s shirt is absolutely awesome! All the house animals in their colors! Really cool! And the shirt is always nice quality so that’s a plus!

Next up, this tin Geek Gear box with HOUSE COASTERS! They look really cool and I think this is a bit of a different item and I really loved it!


Now, this is one of those wand necklaces. I’ve seen a lot of these, this one is the Elder wand. I think it looks cool, however, I would never wear it. But it looks great!

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Now this is very cool, one of my favorite items! This is a Geek Gear exclusive figure and it’s a pretty little owl! You can get the regular one, the gold one (there are 50 of them) and the silver one which I got (there’s only 25 of those). This looks so cool and it’s unique and different and I really like it. I will say that I would have probably preferred the regular one, but this one is more rare so there’s that!


THESE STICKERS ARE THE CUTEST. Seriously, I love them. I think everyone will love this because it’s just so darn cute. Especially the owl. I don’t exactly know what to do with these, but I’ll probably end up putting them on my laptop.

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You also get these tiny little badges – one in your house, and another one of Doby! I actually really like that these pins are so small, because I think you can wear a lot of these little ones and it will look better than having those big badges. You also get a Fantastic Beasts keychain – you can get the Newt Scamander keychain or the MACUSA one (which I got)!

And that’s everything in the box! I actually like this one a lot more than the first one I got, and I really liked the first one as well! So kudos to Geek Gear! If you’re a HP fan I think you’ll definitely enjoy this box, it’s just something to get you excited and to spruse up your Harry Potter shelf (I know you’ve all got one!)

Let me know what was your favorite item in the box!


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