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Time Management and My Blogging Process: Blogging Tips #3

A feature in which I share my dubious blogging wisdom with you.

As you guys now, I’ve been doing a series of posts in which I share tips which helped me personally get this blog into full swing. You can check my previous two posts: one of which was about writing good reviews and the other about how to make your posts really stand out.

So today we are talking about a tricky subject: time management. Chances are that this is your hobby. Your blogging isn’t something you do full time, so you have to balance it out with your real life obligations (bummer, I know). I am a full-time university student with quite a heavy and full course workload and a lot of necessary reading. So I have very little free time in which I have to fit a lot of stuff. I’ve been doing this since November, so I’ve gotten pretty decent at time management. I am gonna tell you a bit about that and a bit about my whole blogging process.

1. Make Time For It

Before I get to the actual tips, I am gonna say a thing that needs to be said. You’re gonna have to make time for it. If you want to have a blog that looks nice and if you want to reach an audience, you’re going to have to sacrifice your time. Instead of watching an episode of a show or reading a chapter, you’re going to sit down and write a post. It’s not a big sacrifice, but sometimes it can be a bit difficult, especially in the beginning, when there’s not a lot of people who follow you and it doesn’t seem to be worth your while. My only advice for this period is: stick with it. Be persistent. Make time and squeeze writing into it. You’re gonna see results for sure, just give it time.

The take away: Make time for your blog and be persistent.

2. Make a Schedule

Once you’re starting out, make a clear schedule and stick by it. I personally post daily (or almost every day) now, because I have time off in school and I can manage it. However, during the school year, I can post maybe two post per week and that’s sometime a stretch. So you need a clear posting schedule. Decide which days are your post days (and let everyone know). That helps you keep track of when you should post and all of your readers can know when to look forward to a post. Moreover, this way it’s easier for you to keep posting since there’s a fixed time frame to do so.

The take away: Make a posting schedule and try to stick to it.

3. Pre-writing is Your Best Friend

Chances are you won’t have time to actually sit down (let’s say) every Wednesday to write a post. That’s why drafting and writing your posts ahead of time is so important. You can plan ahead and have posts ready weeks or even months ahead. Sit down every once in a while and write out a bunch of posts. Then when the time comes, you can just make sure everything looks like it should and post it. No need to waste time. You can even schedule posts and skip over the checking and clicking post part, but I don’t recommend it, since WordPress’s scheduling option sucks majorly.

The take away: Thank god for drafts.

4. Write Down Your Ideas

This shifts us more into the “my blogging process” part of the post. As I’ve mentioned before, I get inspiration from a bunch of different places and I always have multiple ideas floating around. That’s why I think it’s useful both for your blog and your time to keep track of it all by writing it down. Keep your post ideas all in one place, and then you can refer back to it when you have no idea what to post next. Even if some ideas seem stupid at the time, you can work on them later and make a decent post out of it. Just keep track of them and they are bound to prove useful at one point or other (for example, you can do a post titled All the Stupid Blogging Ideas I had). If you’re a stationery freak like some people I know, then you can have a notebook for just that. Or you can keep track in your Notes on your phones like a sane person. Either really.

The take away: Always write down every idea you have

5. Write First, Format Later

I used to do my formatting along with writing out a post. Don’t do that. You’ll just lose time for nothing. Write out a whole post. Make sure that the content that you want is there. Then go in and format. This way you won’t have to go back and redo stuff after you’ve realized that you have to lose an entire paragraph or that all your pictures are too big. Get everything you want to say, and THEN make it look all nice. That way you’re also making sure that a whole post fits in nicely together.

The take away: Write first, format later

6. Alternate between easy and difficult posts

There are posts I can write in 15 minutes and there are those that take me at least an hour to do. Sometimes more. So alternate between those. When you have a busy week ahead, just do something fun, quick and easy. When you have more time on your hands, sit down and write for hours. Make sure that you know how much time something will take, and then plan accordingly. Features (or memes as some people call them, although I don’t know why) are a great way to do this, since they are posts that always look the same and for which you can even make templates. But more on those in my next blogging tips post. For now, get a feel of the time some posts take you to do, and then alternate between them so it fits in your schedule.

The take away: When you’re in a time crunch, go with an easy, familiar post.

A quick shout out to Ellyn from allonsythornraxx for helping come up with an idea for this post on Twitter a couple of days ago! Thank you!

So those are my tips for this segment! Hope you enjoyed and let me know if you find these helpful. And leave your tips in the comments below!


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12 thoughts on “Time Management and My Blogging Process: Blogging Tips #3

  1. this is a GREAT post. I actually keep two docs marked “tbd” in my drafts and keep all my post ideas sorted inside them just so I can pull things out 🙂 and I’ve never had much trouble with scheduling posts on wordpress – I’m sorry that you have!! they improved the feature recently, if you’re hoping to make things easier. I just use it because I know I’ll forget or run out of time to hit post otherwise 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! Figures, since you have so many great post ideas. Yeah, it’s been painful to schedule posts, they never go up, or when they do they don’t show up in feeds 😥 I’ll try it again to see if that update helps my case! 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. good luck!! and yeah, having the docs has helped A TON. I just write down random ideas or thoughts and look at them when I need inspiration 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank god for this post! I’ve been struggling to be consistent with a posting schedule and this is giving me the motivation to figure it out – great post 😊

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great tips! Time management wasn’t a huge issue for me when I was in university, but these days it’s almost as if the world just got tipped over. So, I completely agree with your point on scheduling time and being consistent with time.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Really good advice, planning out what you’re going to write and having a list of ideas is so important. Also you’re right with making time for blogging, I’ve found writing notes etc when you can massively does help when you actually come to posting content. I’ll check out your other tips too, thank you

    Liked by 1 person

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