Why Haven’t I Followed These People Sooner: Book Blogger Recommendations

I found some new blogs and they are awesome. 

It’s been a while since I’ve done a proper blog shoutout, so I figured I should do one now! I have discovered a lot of new blogs that I have been loving recently and I wanted to share the love. I find that my absolute favorite thing about blogging is talking and interacting with other bloggers, so I want to tell you about all these awesome, wonderful people, whose blogs I envy so much and who are like THE BEST ever. I’ve also been atrocious at interacting lately, because I have NO TIME for anything, so I’ve just been creeping around reading ALL the posts. So I want to compensate that with telling you about people who are great. So let’s get to it!


I am pretty sure all of you are already following the wonderful Fadwa @ Word Wonders, but if you are not then that is a huge disservice to yourself that you should aim to correct immediately. I’ve known of Fadwa and her blog for a while, because all of my blogging friends follow her, and I just love everything about her blog. From her aesthetic and the way her blog looks, down to the absolutely AMAZING and incredibly important discussions and recommendations she does. She is definitely someone to look up to in this community and one of those STAPLE bloggers to be following. And like on top of that, she is the nicest. We stan.


I honestly think Chaima @ Runaway With Dream Thieves writes my favorite reviews of all time. You know how reviews get a bad rep and aren’t as popular as other posts? Well, if they were all written by Chaima, we would not have that issue. And again, THE AESTHETIC. Chaima has the most beautiful post headers that I have ever seen. When I see those little gifs in my feed, I get super excited because they are just so gorgeous and I can stare at them for hours because they TWINKLE. Anyways, 10/10, would recommend. Absolutely stunning blog with stunning content.

pagesandplotsCatrina @ Pages & Plots has the cutest blog aesthetic ever (can you tell I am all about the aesthetic?) and I just as soon as I opened up her blog, I knew I was gonna love it. I read her most recent post about her rating system and I totally loved it. Also, she has a whole section on her blog dedicated to pop culture and that is all I look for in a good blog – books and pop culture. So please go check out her blog and enjoy the cute!


This is one of the most unique blogs I ever stumbled upon and I absolutely love everything about it. I feel like I don’t see a lot of people who have such a strong theme to their blog, but Captain’s Quarters is incredibly fun and I really love the whole captain thing that sneaks into the way she writes the posts and interacts too. Moreover, I always find books I haven’t heard of before on this blog, which is always a plus in my book. I love their reviews and everything about this blog is just super fun and engaging. So again, highly recommended.


I absolutely love Hannah’s blog. I have a lack of adult fiction bloggers in my feed, so I was so glad to discover this blog. I love the way she structures her reviews and I just love her reviews in general. I find them really informative, I think they cut straight to the point and are really good at sort of transferring the feel of a book to the reader. Her blog reminds me of Rachel’s a lot (and her blog is my favorite ever, so that’s a compliment) and is such a fresh and different thing in my feed since, like I said, I don’t follow a lot of adult fiction bloggers. Highly recommend you check her blog out!

And those are my recommendations for you! All of these people are lovely and amazing and I would highly recommend that you peruse their blogs for top tier quality content. If you want to know about my favorite blogs of all time you can find that post HERE, and you can check out a similar shoutout I did ages ago HERE.

addIf you have any recommendations for me,  I would LOVE to hear them. Please tell me all about your favorite blogs and bloggers in the comments!



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17 thoughts on “Why Haven’t I Followed These People Sooner: Book Blogger Recommendations

  1. Ahoy there matey! Was surprised to see meself on yer list and it is always nice to get praise from the crew. I am very glad that ye find hidden gems to explore on me log. While I do follow Fadwa, I don’t know the others so I am going to check them out. Thanks for thinking of me and keep up the good work. Arrrr!
    x The Captain

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This is such a great series and I am gonna follow everyone on this list. I have been following Fadwa for a while now, I will add on the others. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

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